Who are you, and why aren’t you wearing any pants?

You are participating in an experiment. Be calm, if you can.

This is an experiment to unlodge creative juices as only putting yourself in a public forum can.  On a two week rhythm, this is the schedule:

Odd Weeks.

On these days, we analyze a single designer to death. I mean, really to death. Like to the point that they seriously reconsider significant life choices due to the completely unreasonable spotlight that will be shined on  them until they grow so flourescent that they could paint the night fantastic with only their passive radioactive glow. I’ll try to play as many of their games as I can, but for those that I can’t – we’ll do with online video and rules explanations to try to understand how that design works and what can be learned from their patterns.

Even Weeks.

On even weeks, the challenge is to create a game in the pattern of the aforementioned designer. We’ll rip-off Reiner, filtch from Feld and lift from Lang and put out rules for a (hopefully) playable game in the style of that designer. Originality is not important here, and fun – well – we’ll try, but we’re really just going for workable. And thus and so on, forever and ever, borne back ceaselessly into the past we’ll beat on.  Wish me luck!


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